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I am Julien or 'Julo' for short - hence 'Julographer'.


Born and raised in France, I have traveled the world for professional reasons and I have now landed in Denver, Colorado. Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed taking pictures (sunsets are my sweet spot) to immortalize the moment. 

I also enjoy focusing on people and life events such as graduations, elopements and weddings. While capturing the moment, I am also looking to reflect your inner thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate on your photography project, either as primary or secondary photographer, from traditional portraiture  and headshots to more creative sessions, seniors, elopement, or wedding. I am always looking to expand my skills.

So now this part is out of the way, here are some random facts about me, so you can

start to get to know me personally!

  • I love, love, love photography... jazz music... electronic music... and raspberries!

  • I enjoy foreign shows on Netlfix (lately, it's been the Spanish series called Elite that I enjoyed the most)



  • I love watching HGTV's House Hunters International - allows me to travel for free and during COVID times... 

  • I have 3 Masters Degrees (nerd alert)

  • My favorite seasons are Fall/Autumn, then Winter, then Summer and lastly Spring (I have seasonal allergies LOL)

  • I grew up in France, in the Alps near the Italian and Swiss borders, hence I love being surrounded by mountains - no wonder why Colorado is a perfect fit

  • I lived in Nice on the French Riviera when I was in grad school. Later, I also lived in London, UK for 3 years, where I met my spouse who is from Argentina. We love hearing accents!

  • I am a dual citizen of France and the United States - why does that matter? Well, it's very convenient if you want a destination wedding anywhere in Europe! I know the culture, how to get around, places, etc. Since my spouse is from Argentina, we go there regularly. Patagonia is breathtaking - hit me up too if you're thinking of eloping or getting married there! 

  • My first job was working as a flight attendant for Air France on their long-haul flights - a really fun job! Got to visit Thailand, Madagascar, South Africa and North America.

  • I used to swim competitively at international level - 50 and 100 freestyle - never got to master fly though... maybe one day, although time is running out LOL

  • what else? I am quite shy actually; I listen and observe more than I talk. This allows me to keep a cool approach to anything and really feel your emotions and body language - which I will then capture and show in your images.

  • Oh, I can't eat cheese - it's not lactose intolerance, something else... can you see the irony of me being French?! Oh well... 

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