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Photographing your parents...

...does not have to be boring, stressful or awkward... well at least when you have cool parents!

I actually think they are cooler than me! That's right!

This past summer, we had an opportunity to go back to France to visit my parents after being stranded on each side of the Atlantic Ocean because of travel bans between the US and Europe due to the COVID19 pandemic. It had been almost two years since we last saw each other - we had been FaceTiming, but let's be honest for a second: there's nothing like real face time, in person with real hugs!

Like most people, this pandemic made me realize that time is precious and we should strive to make every moment count as if it were the last. I also realized that we actually did not have recent pictures of them that they would feel great about printing or framing. So we decided to do a photoshoot of them and their hobby/passion.

My dad has a few passions: collecting knives and taking care and riding his motorcycle. So we chose to set up his Harley in the underground garage and play with speedlights/flashes. Because we traveled overseas, we only brought the minimum in terms of lighting and equipment.

For my mom, it was taking care of her newest horse. Setting up lights and having flash pops was not an option as it would startle and most certainly scare not only her horse but other horses in the stable. So we went for more of a lifestyle documentary approach.

Hope you enjoy the gallery below and we even threw in a bit of BTS (behind the scenes).

Behind the scenes (BTS)

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