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Colorado Wedding Photographer FAQ

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Need more information? Read our Colorado wedding photographer FAQ for details on the ideal number of photographers, hours of coverage needed, retouching VS. editing, and more. 

For any additional questions, feel free to reach out to us directly right here.

  • Do I need a second photographer?
    Answer: Well, it depends! No two weddings are alike, because no two couples are alike! Some couples will want a second photographers, some won't - it depends on the situation. The primary reason you would want to hire a second or 'associate' photographer as part of your photography team is to allow for the documentation of moments and events taking place at the same time but in different places. 'Well, duh... Julo!' you might be thinking. For some couples, the need to ensure both moments are documented would not arise; but for others, it may! Let's take an example: you have decided that you want ‘getting ready’ pictures of you but you do so in different locations that are really not within walking distance from one another. Having a second photographer will allow each photographer to document and capture moments with each of you. This becomes especially crucial if timelines are compressed - you won't feel rushed or feeling that key moments are being missed by the photography team because you have appropriate coverage of both locations. Still undecided? Here is another point to consider: every couple wants and deserves the best pictures of their special day! This includes getting a mix of pictures that are more on the traditional side - those that are expected, such as the first look, walking down the aisle, the first kiss, family formals, etc. and those that are bit more edgy, capturing actions and moments. Having two photographers will increase your chances of getting that good mix of expected vs. unexpected, formal/traditional vs. edgy. While one photographer focuses on those traditional shots, the other can swing for the fences! Also, it is not uncommon for both photographers to capture the same moments but doing so from two different vantage points (one looking up from below, one looking down from above) and with a different focal length (one zooming in from afar, one filling the frame up close with a wider angle). It is amazing how different emotions can be elicited when two different photographers capture the same moment from two different points of view or angles! Having that variety will make your photos even more precious. Should you decide to hire a second photographer, please know that we work closely with other fellow photographers and we use our local and international networks to find the perfect second photographer for you. #secondphotographer #secondshooter #julographer #weddingtips #coloradowedding #mountainwedding
  • How many hours of coverage do I need?
    Answer: Well here again, it depends! As stated above, no two weddings are alike, because no two couples are alike! On one hand, some couples will want their whole day to be documented from beginning to end. For those situations, we offer full day coverage - which averages to about 12 hours (e.g., from 8:30am to 08:30pm). The main benefit is that you don't have to choose which parts of the day you will want to be documented - you will not have to sacrifice the 'getting-ready' for the reception or the sparkler send-off for instance, and vice versa. All parts of the day are awesome, each for different reasons. On the other hand, some couples may prefer to have only certain parts of the day captured. This may be driven by the size of the wedding or other factors. They may not be too keen on having 'getting-ready' pictures or they may not want reception pictures for various reasons. In those situations, having a full day coverage may not make the most sense and we offer a minimum of 6 hours (e.g., 12:30pm to 6:30pm) which may be enough to cover moments such as getting to the wedding venue, wedding ceremony, family formals, wedding party portraits, cocktail hour, and depending on the timeline, toasts and cake cutting). If 6 hours of coverage is too tight, we offer additional coverage by the hour. Refer to our pricing page for more information. #photographycoverage #julographer #weddingtips #coloradowedding #mountainwedding
  • What is a print release?
    Answer: It is not a copyright, it's different! With a print release, clients are authorized to use the photos for personal use - including printing them on paper or other medium, posting them on social media, sharing with friends and family. When sharing on social media, clients must include a photo credit or copyright notice in the name of Julographer Photography Ltd. on all photos. A print release does not grant rights to clients to derive profits from the use of the photos for commercial purposes. Clients will not use the photos in any trademark, design, logo or other mark. Clients will not use the photos in any goods or products where the photos are the primary value. Clients will not alter the photos (e.g., adding filters on social media, etc.) without the prior written permission of Julographer Photography Ltd. Julographer Photography Ltd. is, and will remain, the sole and exclusive owner of all right, title, and interest, throughout the world, to the copyright in all photos of the clients' wedding and any copies of the photos. All these rights and limitations are clearly spelled out in a contract between clients and Julographer Photography Ltd.
  • When do you charge travel and/or lodging fees?
    Answer: When wedding or engagement session location is more than 100 miles away from Julographer Photography's studios based in Highlands Ranch, CO. During our initial consultation, or later if your plans change, we will ensure we discuss the location of your wedding/engagement session/photoshoot. We will include such fees in the quote and, if you hire us, in the contract. Please remember that if your location changes after the contract has been signed, an amended contract may be drafted to reflect such changes in location.
  • What about retouching photos?
    Answer: We edit images ourselves but rarely retouch. Let us explain. We do not send your images to photo-editing companies, we do this ourselves, in-house. This allows us to ensure the final images our clients receive in their galleries meet our quality criteria and are consistent with what clients see on our website and social media accounts. When editing, we may enhance exposure, colors, crop, or mask undesired items (e.g., someone's elbow got into the frame, a stray hair, etc.). We do most of our work in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. As for retouching, we may apply edits to whiten teeth, correct skin tone (because of ambient lighting causing skin tones to be more green, orange or red), and perform non-invasive skin enhancements (smoothing and removing pimples or blemishes) on portraits. Should clients ask us not to perform such editing, we will follow clients' directions. We will not however retouch photos to change the overall physical appearance of clients or add elements that were not present at the time the picture was taken (e.g., liquify body parts or clothing, sky replacement, etc.).
  • Can anyone see my gallery?
    Answer: Your gallery is password-protected. All our clients galleries are made available to clients only and require the use of a password to view their contents. Clients may then choose to share the url and the password with friends, family and acquaintances should they so choose. Note that, unless we agree to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), Julographer Photography retains the rights to publish any one picture of your gallery along with high level information about the location and date of your wedding on its website, in social media and promotional materials.
  • What equipment brands do you use?
    Answer: Sony, Manfrotto, MagMod, Godox We shoot with Sony mirrorless cameras (a7riii and a1) requiring dual SD card slots (for back-up purposes). We use prime and zoom G Master (the highest quality) lenses with focal lengths ranging from 20 mm to 200 mm. These are professional grade photography equipment. Our lightstands are Manfrotto. For flash photography, we use Godox speedlights and wireless triggers specifically designed for Sony cameras. We also use MagMod light modifiers (soft box, grids, gels, sphere, etc.)
  • Do you deliver RAW files?
    Answer: No, never! But you will get high resolution images. RAW files are the pictures straight out of the camera. By design, RAW files look fairly blend and require post-processing or editing. RAW files are not to be confused with high resolution photographs. Think of RAW files as the batter or dough of a cake - they are what makes the cake - but for the cake to be edible, it needs to be baked (RAW files edited). All clients of Julographer Photography receive their final edited images in high resolution.

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