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Professional Colorado Wedding Photography by Julographer Photography

We believe in photographing moments as they happen.

We provide professional Colorado wedding photography and do not believe in forcing, interrupting, or recreating moments.

This is when our human nature is the most beautiful and authentic.

Of course, we can prepare for a photoshoot or a wedding portrait session with the desired outcome - no doubt!

We will however make sure to also capture your unplanned reactions... that one hand or finger movement to fix your or your partner's hair,

that candid look in your/his/her/their eyes, an unexpected burst of laughs or tears, whatever that feeling is during the moment.

We also believe in the power of colors.

We will ensure they add to your story. Bold colors not only grab attention, but they also convey a message and emotions.

When we say a picture is worth a thousands words, we do believe this is true.

Even black and white photographs can relate the intensity of a moment through powerful contrast.


When you hire our services,

you can expect pictures of


+ BOLD COLORS that will make for

= VIVID MEMORIES for years to come. 


Take a quick look at our most recent work below

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