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Who is Julographer Photography?

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Want to learn about your wedding photographer? Glad you stopped by and asked!

Julographer Photography is a Husband & Husband team - wait, what?! Ya, we know, it sounds strange to us too, as we've been married for about a year now and we're still adjusting to calling one another 'husband' after using the word 'partner' for about a decade! All joking aside, we may not take ourselves seriously, but we are serious about our craft as wedding photographer and we are a hate-free, discrimination-free business: 'Welcome everyone!' #loveislove #lgbtqbusinessowner

Julographer Photography was launched in 2021 and is based just south of Denver, Colorado - USA and available worldwide. As stated above, we're a team of two and we play different roles. Julo is the primary wedding photographer and Norms is the lighting maestro, project manager extraordinaire and crowd schmoozer! If interested in getting to know us better, check out the below sections where we share a bit more about ourselves.

Meet Julo - Owner & Lead Wedding Photographer

Meet Norms - Lighting Maestro & Crowd Schmoozer

While we are a fairly new business - consider us to be the new, cool kids on the block - we do have years of experience with photography and as a result do have a strongly-defined photographic point of view: REAL moments + BOLD colors = VIVID memories.

We are ready to take Colorado by storm, and the whole wide world too - because, why not?! And, we bring international flair and knowledge because of where we grew up, lived, worked and traveled to. We would be thrilled to share tips and advice with you if you are planning a wedding in Colorado (obviously!) or Florida. We can even help internationally, especially in the UK, France and Western Europe or Argentina. Oh and remember, while this page is in English, we're French and Spanish native speakers, too... #onparlefrançais #hablamosespañol

We would love to connect with you and hear more about your photographic needs!

The below gallery is an example of a portrait session, with a creative twist. While we made these on our own during the pandemic, you can envision results we can produce for you.

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