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Summer Rain at Telluride Wedding, Mountain Village, Colorado Photography

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Not everyone will agree, but rain on your wedding day is not that bad, it makes for awesome photos and memories!

Alright, these little ones at this Telluride wedding might think otherwise, but as we say in French, "mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux." This translates to "rain on your wedding day makes for a happy marriage".

Back in July, Julographer Colorado Photography had the privilege of documenting a Telluride wedding alongside another photographer in Mountain Village, Colorado, which is Telluride's ski resort. The couple had planned to get married a year earlier but, due to COVID, had postponed their celebration.

The day started with a beautiful moonset over Wilson Peak, a 14,023-foot mountain peak in the state of Colorado, located in the Lizard Head Wilderness of the Uncompahgre National Forest, in the northwestern San Juan Mountains. Wilson Peak is the highest point in San Miguel County and we got to wake up to this beautiful sight from The Peaks Resort & Spa where we were staying.

The week leading up to the couple's wedding day had seen some pretty unstable weather in the area and despite the blue sky from the early morning, we expected some heavy clouds and potential rain later on.

While the weather did hold up during bride and groom prep, by the time we took the free gondolas up to San Sophia Overlook where the ceremony was going to take place, the clouds had become quite dense and we could see the rain dancing in the sky over the town of Telluride and Bridal Veil Falls and we were hoping the winds would blow in the opposite direction of our location.

Wishful thinking... within 30 minutes, we were caught up in a storm. The bride, groom and guests sought shelter in yurts. Winds did pick up in speed as well. That however did not discourage the couple and after waiting for about 30 minutes (weather changes quickly at high elevation) the rain had stopped, and we could see some blue sky starting to appear. And the Telluride wedding proceeded - almost - as planned.

This unfortunate weather did not prevent us from getting striking photos of their celebration - no matter the weather or the situation, you can count on us! Have a look at the below gallery for the results, or at more pictures in our portfolio here:

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